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Viva Las Vegas!

As you probably know, I love the Rocky Mountains. This early morning departure was filmed in October as we were headed to Las Vegas for "official business". The clear and cool air on our departure out of Pueblo, Colorado afforded some fantastic views as we climbed out on our way to landing at North Las Vegas. I love the scenery in this video. Oh, and the arrival into Las Vegas took us over Nellis and the race track..a couple times. I hope you enjoy!

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P1D Ride along- Mark's Flight to Savannah, GA

Mark and I met through Youtube a few years ago. Mark is a music producer and wanted to contribute to the channel by producing some original music for the videos. You can see one of his contributions on this video- It wasn't until I got to know Mark that I heard his story. Mark was born blind and remained so for 37 years until he received a vision restoring procedure. His vision is not good enough to allow him to drive or fly, but it is a vast improvement. Mark filled two bucket list items on this trip- a flight in a private jet and a tour of the Gulfstream airplane factory which he was able to arrange for us....

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